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In public schools around the world,  there seems to be a certain disenchantment of teachers, a seeming disengagement; teachers who appear to be carrying out their functions on autopilot.

Its hard to blame them really

It is a difficult demand to ask one to stand before such consistency of pain- of needy students, of lack of infrastructure,  of negligence…

 It is difficult to ask one to stand before all this daily and to face it with all his essence, with all of him; to not let some of him stay back home when he comes to work in the morning because he doesn’t want to hurt anymore. I

ts a difficult thing to ask

But it is the demand of courage

The courage to stand and fight when you think your right.

Where are the teachers who will go the extra mile

Who will come on Tuesday with the determination of Monday. .

There is help on the way, our educational system will be salvaged; in the meantime we need teachers with the courage to face another day with all that they are.

Teachers with the courage to believe in that truant trouble-maker

Teachers with the courage to find out what works, to research for new ways just to teach that challenged girl. Teachers with the courage to give love and hope to that obviously neglected boy.

We need teachers who care today

Is anybody out there


This post was originally a comment by Momma on the post “Let’s Not Wait Anymore”. Am making it a full post because I feel it’s worth ten blog posts.

Thank you for sharing.
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I feel honored really.

In making a change, the most important aspect is to start.
Starting is the most challenging but when you do, you cannot be stopped.
Seeing these children as they wander about touches me.

I had the opportunity to take a class in a village school. I was told to teach them chemistry. They don’t have a chemistry teacher. It was on volunteer basis.
I was also told how notorious they can be and how that they don’t like to learn.
Entering into that class, I took up their chemistry text book and started from the beginning, just to give them the basis.
Next, the whole class walked out with some jumping out of the window.
Except three girls that I discovered were eager to learn.
I was not deterred, I faced the chalk board and started teaching these three girls.
As I continued describing every detail and illustrating with mangoes and oranges to make them assimilate better.
I don’t know how long I backed the class but when I turned around again, the class was full with some hanging on the window. They were listening to me!
Astonished as I was, I saw the supposed bad boys looking remorseful.

One of them raised his hand up and when I signaled him , he said, “if we are taught like this, we would learn”.
It touched me.
What’s the real situation? They are counted off already before a chance is given them.
Give them a chance!
This motivated the knowledge points we are setting up in remote areas! To give them a chance.
Just a chance!


I write this from within a church.

From within these walls we are to carry hope to the world.  In the days ahead more than ever, our words of power will be followed by deliverables to a needy world. Rewriting history,  remaking lives.


Unknown to some

The world has turned to us

For solutions to its myriads of its seeming insoluble problems


Unknown to the world,  it has turned to us for help

But how can one ask for help without knowing?

Well, that happens when challenges shout above choices.

The world has turned to us for help

Though it might not know.

And we will answer

We have answered

So help us God.


Mass hatred does not need ethnic, racial or religious divides to thrive; just some accommodating minds and a good dose of propaganda.

As Rwanda marks the 20th anniversary of a horrendous genocide; it is important to remember that genealogically and genetically the aggressors and victims in this genocide are hard to tell apart. The Hutsis and Tutsis are largely from the same genetic stock, they have the same ancestry. Even today, it is still very difficult to tell them apart.

The genocide was not fueled by differences but by a believe in differences, it was fueled by hate speech and the penchant to look at the wrong side of history.

Today as we read of survivors of the genocide forgiving and working with their attackers for a greater Rwanda, let us remember that no matter what the past was about,  WE- YOU AND I, can decide the future today.

And let us remember to give history its rightful place as simple reference material not a deciding factor, as we march on into the future.

Yes, we can make this world a better place no matter what transpired in the days gone by.

You believe.



“Let me tell you what I think you need to do. You have to spend a lot of your resources for education.

Educate children of the poor, so that they can get out of poverty.
Poverty does not breed confidence. Only confident people can bring
changes. Poor, uneducated people can also bring change, but it will be
hijacked by the educated and the wealthy…give the young good

Teach them the value of hard work and sacrifice, and
discourage them from crimes which are destroying your image as a
good people.”

(Excerpts taken from a 2007 interview with Mandela conducted by Dr
Hakeem Baba-Ahmed).


I have a younger cousin, just rounded off his

and serving his country Nigeria in a scheme called the National Youth Service Corp.

Last Christmas Daniel came to see me,and after the initial chit chat, he told me of his concern for the young people in the rural school where he was teaching in Bayelsa State Nigeria. He was deeply affected by the fact that they seemed to be cutoff from the possibilities of the outside world; most seemed totally unconcerned about school and learning; most couldn’t read though in their senior high classes; how external exams were a plain mockery because everyone wanted the students to pass and ‘move on’.

I was touched by Dan’s concern, i mean how many other NYSC members cared enough about the matter to go consulting at Christmas.

So I did the one thing I will always do, I inspired him to go back there and be the change: start a reading club, buy a few books, mentor some kids; look out for flickers of light- for I strongly believe that there are individuals who are glowering lights in dark places (like charcoal embers), if someone will only bring that ember close and care to fan it, a light will ignite that will light others. its hard to tell anyone how to find such kids, but chances are if you gather a group of young people to mentor, they will be a glowering ember there; somehow their desire locates them; and God is the smart too, he knows where the treasure is.

Daniel and I spoke at length of what he could do, he told me of his challenges so far and we discussed how to work around them. we drew out a list of books and outlined how the club will run..

He called me in January, more challenges, where on earth to buy the books, not finding them around his locality. I recommended ordering  on the internet; i will retrieve them from Lagos and send down.

Then the challenge of funds, I promised to help out, lets know the total cost;

then his laptop got stolen, and he has to journey to town to use a cybercafe..


Danny is going to be done with the scheme by June, so we gatta hurry!

but you see, if you are going to make a change, there will be obstacles, i mean what a time for his laptop to go missing.

Dan and I will ensure we leave something behind for those young children, to help give them a chance; but my dear Dan must persevere against the odds;



Dan, can you hear me?

How hard is it to start a book club in a high school near you

ok! ok!

lets face it, not everyone likes to read

but everyone kinda wishes they did

one reason Africa is where it is today is simply because it wont read!

that sounded very harsh.

imagine if we can raise a new generation of young people who are super informed with the right information.

i think they is need to help young people all around the world form a reading culture

its a little thing that can truly change the world

no matter how backwards a child’s background, information can empower him to make a change.


i know you are busy but could you make out time this week to go a public school and talk to a principal officer on coming to inspire their students to read, maybe once in two weeks.

in Nigeria, public schools need help, over populated, understaffed, dirty, no computers, disenchanted teachers.. the list goes on.

i visit public secondary schools, and each and every time i cry

imagine a school with a population of 1500 and one computer in 2014.

run down structures, unkempt children..

it will be nice to get all schools computers and Vsats, but then you must put a system in place to manage it or it will soon become like the rest of the school- neglected.


me, Pisraela believes the first, most basic thing we can give to these next generation is a reading culture and a sense of direction. lets teach them how to find their way out of this mess.

so i suggest starting  BIBOC [what i call a biography book club).  you can go there once a week or twice.

you might face some challenges in starting, have to go see the principal a couple of times, maybe even have to write a letter. but keep at it. these children need you.

if you need help drafting the letter then please let me know, most times though (my experience) its easy gaining access because these schools are actually looking for ways to get this children engaged; remember they are understaffed and disenchanted.

il make a BIBOC logo later today, you can use it for your letter. tell them its an ‘online initiative for the real world’. i trust you, you can pitch it.


whats your thought on this, what do you think.  what other ideas, share please.

if we can get 10 people who can implement this in their neighborhood, wow!

please be the one!

lets change the world

BIBOC will work

let me know what your doing about it or just thinking.




oops! i will be praying for a better world by 10PM(GMT+1)!
so lets meet today at 10:15PM (GMT+1) TODAY!


lets not wait anymore

no one out there is going to do anything

no one out there has any plans

but you and i can do something today to make the world a better place.

follow me on a journeyImage

that will change us all 

and change the world

its a lofty call

but it can be done

if you believe


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